What You Can Expect

I am trained as an integrative counselling psychologist meaning that I have been trained to offer you a bespoke and personalised form of therapy, drawing on the most relevant and useful evidence based aspects the aforementioned therapy approaches (please see My Training section on the About Me page for details). I am also trained in critical psychology approaches meaning that although I understand the importance of diagnoses, I also use the very real way your distress impacts your life to guide our work together, taking into consideration your intersectionality, the social labels that make you you, for example your age, gender, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status and etc., to gain an holistic understanding of your current challenges.

It is my belief that psychological therapy has to be collaborative in order for the therapeutic space to feel safe and emotional healing and growth to take place. As such I am open hearing your ideas regarding what you would like from your therapy for example, incorporating your faith or spiritual beliefs in the therapeutic work or exploring the use of techniques or approaches, in accordance with my skill set, which have helped you in the past or you are curious to try.

All therapy sessions are 50 minutes in length. Therapy also tends to take place weekly, however, I am again open to creating a pattern of therapy sessions that suits your state of distress and time commitments; I have seen clients for therapy two times a week, weekly, fortnightly and on an ad hoc basis after a course of therapy.

Therapy can be a very exciting, challenging and rewarding process; I will be there to support you through this journey of self discovery, healing and inner peace.


* All names have been changed to protect the identity of my clients