Dr. Stephanie Okwu

BSc (Hons) MSc PsychD

Therapy to awaken your authentic self


We can find it extremely challenging to acknowledge that we are facing difficulties in our life and seeking or accepting help can pose an even greater challenge. I very much commend you for taking this gentle step towards achieving a life in which you feel more fulfilled, purposeful, joyous and free; you are deserving of this.

I believe that we are born to thrive rather than merely survive and be a blessing to others. My therapy invites you to honestly and compassionately delve into the uncomfortable parts of yourself, your pain, your disappointments, your shame, your guilt, your grief, to discover and dismantle what has been blocking you from living a peaceful, authentic, joyful and purposeful life. My approach to therapy endeavors explore the story of you and the hurtful false truths you have internalised as facts due to what you, others close to you or society say about you.